Social Media’s Role In Driving Traffic To Your Site

Social Media’s Role In Driving Traffic To Your Site

Social Media currently drives about 31% of all referral traffic to websites. Capitalizing on this fact and utilizing social media can increase the traffic to your site and increase your earnings.



Rather than just sticking to the social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, diversify your social media and target your audience.


Pinterest- Share visual content, images and infographics from your blog posts.

Reddit- Improve knowledge in an industry and engage with a dedicated community, great for niche businesses.

Tumblr- Create a multimedia diary to supplement your main website.

Google+- Share content on Google’s platform and boost SEO simultaneously.

Snapchat- Document behind-the-scenes and send out personal messages to your base.


Figure out who your target audience is and follow your base to whichever social media platform they frequent most. Women 30+ tend towards Pinterest and Tumblr, younger generations use Reddit and Snapchat, and professionals tend towards Google+ and LinkedIn.


Plush Profiles

When filing out your profile on social media sites, tailor it to your target audience. Consistency is key when linking various social media profiles, so keep a theme running between your Facebook, Pinterest and other accounts. Ensure you are linking your website on all of your profiles.


Promote Your Content

If you’re going to spend hours a week crating content for your blog, you want people to see it. Promote your content across your social media accounts and watch your leads skyrocket. Posting around 15 blogs a month, while promoting it on social media, can net your about 1200 new leads per month.


15 blog posts a month sounds like a lot. Start with just two posts a week and use a social media scheduler tool like Buffer, Social Jukebox or Hootsuite to schedule your uploads.


Make Your Content Shareable

Use social sharing tools embedded in your website, as well as making content sharable on social media, to encourage your followers to share your posts. If they’re interested and hooked on a particular piece you’ve written, they’ll want to share it with their friends. Make it easy for them!


Post At Peak Use

Different social media sites have different peak use hours. Using a tool like Followerwonk can help you analyze your followers social media use patterns and maximize your reach by letting your know when you should be posting on what sites.


Add Visuals

Visual content is roughly 40 times more likely to be shared online. Add graphs, infographics, GIFs, video, photos or animation to draw the eye of your audience.


Engage Consistently

Only 11% of people receive replies from brands. By being consistent in answering questions, opening dialog and engaging your base, you’ll see surges in your traffic. People want to know they’re heard. Set yourself up for success by setting a schedule for audience engagement and keep on top of it.