Organic Traffic vs. Buying Traffic

Organic Traffic vs. Buying Traffic


When creating an online business, or even a passive income stream, you will be tracking your site’s stats. This includes amount of visitors and your conversion rate. Your conversion rate is the number of visitors that buy compared to the number of total visitors. If you are struggling with your conversion rate, your site may not be optimized properly, your marketing strategies may not be working, and you may not be reaching your target audience. Today we will explore organic traffic and purchased traffic as a means of increasing your conversion rate.


Organic Traffic

Cultivating organic traffic adds immense value to your site in regards to SEO. Using SEO best practices can increase your rankings on search engines and deliver the traffic your site caters to with low financial burden. It also lends your site credibility that an exclusively paid marketing strategy just simply cannot compete with. Reputation is everything. If your site has tons of traffic but no name recognition or presence, you won’t be making many sales. An aggressive organic traffic campaign can offer you an edge against your competitors and ensure your brand shows up more consistently than theirs. The major drawback is that organic traffic can be slow to build and takes time, effort and patience.


Purchase Traffic

Purchased traffic can be a boon that helps you launch your online presence, or boost your current conversion rate into the next level. If purchased from a reputable provider, your traffic can be tailored specifically for your business and deliver you managed traffic that will increase your sales and build your presence quickly. Traffic is also cheap due to the competitive nature of the business. Drawbacks can include accidentally purchasing fake traffic, which will only increase your site numbers but won’t make you any sales, and lack of guarantee. There are no guarantees that every purchased traffic campaign will translate to big sales for your business.



The Combined Approach

By utilizing both organic traffic strategies and purchased traffic, you can get the best of both worlds. By building organic traffic through social media campaigns and SEO, you cultivate a strong presence over time. Adding in purchased traffic can boost those numbers, your ranking and your sales quickly, giving your business a chance to compete. By diversifying your strategies, you can maximize your site’s reach and increase the chances of long term success.