Creating An Effective Call To Action

Creating An Effective Call To Action

Creating your call to action is a vital component to each and every piece of content you create for your site. Your call to action is what keeps your readers engaged and coming back for more!

A strong call to action is easy to incorporate into your content and will help your business grow. Read on to learn how to create an effective call to action today!


Step 1 Identify the call to action

What exactly is it that you need or want your reader to do? Do you want them to subscribe to your newsletter? Purchase your eBook? Bookmark your website and enable notifications? You need to know what you want from your reader.


Step 2 Use commanding verbs

Buy Now! Shop Today! Order Now! Download! Subscribe Here! These are all commanding verbs. Letting your reader know that your “latest (x) is available now” isn’t enough. Your call to action needs to be commanding. Instead, you would want to choose your wording to be stronger. “Download the latest (x) today!” is much stronger than the above example. Your reader will be more likely to follow your call to action than with more passive wording.


Step 3 Provoke Emotion and Enthusiasm

People like to have the picture painted for them. Use words that play on emotions and build enthusiasm to further hook your readers and appeal to the call to action. If you are a wedding planner, a great call to action would be “Plan your dream wedding today!” If you’re selling (x) service, “Buy now and get 35% off!” Who doesn’t love getting a great discount?


Step 4

Use your Unique Selling Point. What’s in it for the reader that will bring them to the point of following your call to action? Do you offer complimentary consultation sessions before booking services? Include that in your call to action. “Schedule your complimentary consultation today!” combines the call to action with the unique selling point, notifying the reader of what you offer while enticing them to follow the call to action.


Step 5 Utilize the Fear Of Missing Out

FOMO, or fear of missing out, is a great tool to use that plays on peoples need to be included. “Book today, Sale ends Friday!” This puts a time limit on the deal and encourages readers to get in while they can. Use holidays and seasons as the basis for your promotions.


Step 6 Experiment

Keep your call to actions fresh and exciting. Play with the wording and analyze which call to actions are most effective for your target audience. Change things up frequently enough that your readers don’t get bored or get blind to your call to action.


Using these steps, you’ll be well on your way to bringing in the traffic you want for your site. Join us next week for more great blogging tips!