4 Tips to Break Blogger’s Block

4 Tips to Break Blogger’s Block

If you create your own content for your brand, you have probably hit the writer’s block wall at least once. You sit at the computer, staring and trying to conjure up some creativity, but it just won’t come. Well, today we will explore some slump-busters and help you break out of that funk!

Shake Things Up

When your routine isn’t working for you anymore, it’s time to shake things up! Try experimenting with your schedule and change the time of day you set aside to write. Get out of your bubble and take a hike so you can get out of your head and literally rise above the issues.

Check Out The Competition

Check out what your competition is writing about, and write a counterpoint or expand on the main idea. Be sure you are crediting your sources and that you aren’t engaging in plagiarism. Use your competition as motivation and a springboard!

Talk To Your Base

Start the conversation with your following. Ask what they want to read about. Do an AMA (ask me anything) session on Reddit or any other social media platform. You can gather some really good insight into what your base wants by paying attention to their questions.

Hire A Brainstormer

Check out Fiverr or any other gig site and commission a gig for a list of topics in your niche. You’ll spend $5-$10 for a list of ideas that could refresh your creative process.

Back To Basics

Remember when you first started out in your niche? Think of all the questions you had as a newbie. Hone in on the process and write a guide for beginners! You may find that taking it back to the basics will spark a ton of ideas for future posts too! Break it up into a series, or it may even lead to an eBook opportunity!

Join us next week for more great tips and tricks to help you grow your brand!